Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pfifferling... a chocolate cake to die for!

Have you ever dreamt of the perfect chocolate cake, crispy on the outside and soft inside? Try the confected chocolate or carrot cake at Pfifferling. The cake has been prepared in a preserve container from Weck.

Pfifferling is the deli and storefront of the wellknown caterer Pfifferling in Oberwil. They offer take away organic food (salads, wraps, desserts) and also wines, jams (try Apricot/Thyme or Cherry/Lavender) and spices. The coffee bar offers a wide variety of coffee specialties and other beverages.

Unfortunately they only have a website for catering and no information on their deli.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sneaker Addict

If you're addicted to sneakers like me you'll find your heaven at the Seven Sneaker store. They have special editions of sneakers and you can find a wide range of sneakers for you. They are currently also expanding the range of sneakers for girls and children.

In the backroom of the store you'll find art exhibitions of local artists, so it's in any case worth it to drop in.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunny terrace in industrial environment - I love it!

Dreispitz is currently changing it's appearance every day. The former purely industrial warehouse district is now hosting art galleries, exhibitions and museums. The newest addition to the hip crowd in Dreispitz is the restaurant Schmatz, run by Baselcitystudios, a company known for multimedia and music productions and events. As we know catering can be an important factor for the choice of a music studio, when many artists follow special diets and recording schedules can be gruesome. So it makes sense that Baselcitystudios is expaning also into restauration and catering. The next logical step would be high class accomodation to host a full state of the art service for musicians and artists using the studio facilities.


I did not have the opportunity to taste the food yet, but the bar area looked fab, just as the indoors and outdoors facilities. The bar is well stocked and the weekly menu can be read online on the website of baselcitystudios. I simply loved the quiet green elevated terrace which is a nice counterpoint to the grey and noisy outdoors around it.

It is a pity that the restaurant is only open over noon during the week and will therefore mainly be frequented by the people working at the galleries, RadioX and Baselcitystudios. It would be lovely if it were open for the people who go to the exhibitions, to the Shift festival or other art venues in Dreispitz.

The whole restaurant can be rented for events. Catering is provided by baselcitystudios.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A perfect Bagel....

It will certainly affect your cholesterol level and your weight for the worst, but will also make you joyous with bliss over the perfection of its form and taste: the Club Bagel from Blueberry at the Basel SBB train station.

The Bagel consists of a toasted maize bun glazed with sunflower oil and sprinkled with roasted sunflower seeds, it is filled with a chicken/mayo whip, salad, tomato, a whole poached egg and bacon. It stands about 10cm tall when filled and is a hearty meal if you're travelling or just camping out in the living room... :)

Blueberry American Bakery, at the Passerelle on top of Basel SBB train station.

You can see the Bagel at the utmost right corner... Look for the sunflower seed sprinkles!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Delicious tea, fine soaps and many wonderous things

A wonderful little store called "Ianne & Ienne" has opened at the upper end of Güterstrasse at No 245 opposite the Post Office. Ianne and Ienne is a concept boutique which offers fin-de-siècle style knickknacks, jewellery, soaps, linen but primarily in the colors tea, lilac, rose and white, silver household items and tea (as shown in the picture 1)


When I went to the store I could not help but go on a shopping binge, as they offer a wide variety of delicious teas of the famed Kusmi brand. Kusmi is Russian but based in Paris and they offer high quality flavoured green teas, black teas and herbals packed in very decorative boxes.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bewitchingly excellent food at Häxestübli

If you are familiar with the culinary landscape in Basel you have certainly come across the magical Häxehüsli-Skewer-Restaurant in Reinach, which is situated in the forest, decorated with all sorts of witches and has a magically decorated garden. Now the famous Häxehüsli (witch's house) has a opened a second restaurant called Häxestübli (witch's lounge) at the heart of Gundeli at Delsbergerallee crossing Dornacherstrasse, where the old Delsbergerhof Restaurant used to be.

The most particular thing about both restaurants is that they offer a wide variety of skewers and just that. But you can select among various types of meat-skewers, fish- and seafood-skewers and also veggie-skewers and side dishes. The plates are big and the prices are on the upper scale, but it's worth the money.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Coffee and Literature!

Finally some real coffehouse culture in Gundeli with the opening of "Nasobem"

on Saturday 19. September!

On the opening day you can start off with a bohemian breakfast: free croissants! During the day there will be music and books galore... In the evening at 19h30 you can enjoy a reading of Guy Krneta.

Besides good coffee and free WLAN, Nasobem also offers a wide variety of English and German books.

Nasobem also sports a stage which can host up to 50 people and they will offer readings, little concerts and other stuff. So if you are interested to get on stage, contact them!

More information under: http://www.nasobem.ch

You can find Nasobem at the crossing of Frobenstrasse / Güterstrasse at the SBB Gundeli rear entrance.